Wednesday, 8 February 2012

changing your mind.

What I find really irritating about myself is the way that I change my '''style''' constantly. The clothes that I want to wear are different each week. I guess it depends on what's inspired me in that week. For example, outfits I've seen people blogging or stuff I've seen people wearing out and about, or even depending on my mood. I mean, I say my style changes constantly, that's not exactly true, it's more the clothes I wish I was wearing, rather than the clothes I'm actually wearing. Because a lot of the time I'm not happy with what I'm wearing, and that's the sad part. As great as blogs and whatnot can be, it can be annoying the way in which they sort of knock your self confidence (for me it's with clothes), I see an outfit and I wish for the outfit, or I'll see a pair of shoes. I'll see shoes and outfits that I can't afford to buy. These posts of these gorgeous girls in their gorgeous clothes can make us feel a bit well, crappy, that I can't look as good as they do. I'll end up thinking 'hey, why can't I look that great? these girls are just like me, surely?'. But then at the same time, the first time I buy an outfit, I usually think I look good and I guess that's it. These girls look good, but that's mainly because they aren't wearing my clothes, they aren't wearing clothes I've seen before, they aren't wearing my clothes that I'm sick of seeing! Part of the reason I like these girls' outfits is because I've never seen them before. Just like I find my clothes exciting the first time I wear them, but only the first.

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